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ITN retain ITV news franchise.

(September 2001)

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TWO ident Founding member
Yes, ITN have kept the franchise. But will ITN branding disappear completely, or stay as it is? Or will pigs fly and ITN branding return completely?
I thought they were just 'preferred bidder'. Not the same as the winner.

That's what it says on the ITN website.
TWO ident Founding member
Well, the impression on MHP-chat was that ITV was keeping with ITN.

This will probably be the case anyway, why would Carlton and Granada want companies like BSkyB and UTV handling their news.

And would these companies be happy to keep the ITV brand safely intact?

When Sky provided the news for TV-am they branded it Sky's pretty clearly.
Square Eyes Founding member
Sky have been trying to get a foothold in terrestrial tv news for years, they tried it with the C4 and C5 contracts, it seems the broadcasters just want to stick with what they know. ITN is clearly well respected.

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