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ITN keep ITV News contract

(September 2001)

Cat - which ones which?
Mr Me
Although I'm glad ITN won, ITV's news is pretty pathetic and I suppose whoever won, this worrying trend was going to continue. If you looked at ITN on ITV in the 80's and 90's they absolutly cained the BBC at almost everying. Not that I am looking back with a rose tinted view or anything but I do think this was a golden age for a ITV news. Very sad when you compare it to what is on offer now.
BringBackThames posted:
Cat - which ones which?

I thought John Sergeant announcing 'this is a very sad day for democracy' on ITV's election night kind of gave the game away for ITN! And as for the 1992 election... I think I've discussed John Suchet's facial expressions on that programme far too much.

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