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stuartfanning770 posts since 15 Feb 2004
I thought that IRN was owned these days by ITN. On another thread it has been stated that this isn't the case. So what is the ownership structure of IRN? There is nothing on the Internet that gives this information.
Londoner7,224 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Major shareholders certainly include ITN, GWR Group and Capital Radio, and I think some smallers groups/stations.

ITN is contracted to provide the editorial service for IRN, in the same way that ITN provides TV news for ITV, C4 and Five.

I believe that IRN as a company has a staff of two - its MD John Perkins and his PA.
stuartfanning770 posts since 15 Feb 2004
I received this email from IRN re their ownership structure



As a private company we do not disclose our shareholdings but I can confirm Scottish Media Group has no interest in IRN Ltd


John Perkins


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SteveL523 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Is it true IRN's broadcast FTA on Sirius 3? Lyngsat don't have any encryption shown next to it, but I haven't been able to point my dish at Sirius 3 since I found that out.