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UTV Newsline
On a side note - why is Virgin Media Ireland news online website truly awful? They must have the money to try and compete with RTE, but all they do is just upload the previous Virgin Media news programmes and that is it. No articles, no written pieces at all. For a national television network in Ireland this is truly pathetic.
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UTV Newsline
RTÉ had spent a total of €2.38 million euro on building the new studio lot for Fair City at their Montrose headquarters in Dublin.

The information was released under a Freedom of Information request by RTÉ.


The new Fair City lot comprises of 11 separate sets and the set provides for a new home for McCoy’s pub, the Hungry Pig, the Dolphin Pod, the Community Centre, the Helping Hand charity shop and the other locations where the hit soap is shot.

Now, in response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request around the costs, the RTÉ FOI unit states that the €2.381 million total includes an element of non-recoverable VAT.

It stated: “This cost also included design, construction, set dressing and professional fees.”

The unit stated that “the decision to move the programme set was taken as a result of the sale of land at the Donnybrook campus.

"The money to pay for this capital project came entirely from funds generated by this land sale.”

It was also reported that RTÉ failed to receive 4 requests between Dec 2018 & March 2019 for the cost & building of the Fair City set. They failed to receive them on administrative & cost grounds under section 15(1) of the act.
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UTV Newsline
For such a small state broadcaster you do have to give credit to them for having a very good production centre in Dublin. Their studios are very good, even though they are much smaller compared to production centres here in the UK.

RTE Television Centre always felt very warm and welcoming to me when I have been there. They do have fast turn around of productions in one studio - Studio 4. During a typical week that studio would host many big productions for RTE One and sometimes RTE 2.
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UTV Newsline
I just heard today that popular Irish comedian Brendan Grace, who played Fr Fintan Stack in Father Ted, has died today aged 68.


He died from a short illness which related to pneumonia at the Galway Clinic.

He also announced some time ago that he was being treated for lung cancer.

As a mark of respect; RTÉ One will show a repeat of Brendan Grace: Funny Man at 10:15pm tonight. RTÉ2 is also showing the Father Ted episode New Jack City which includes Brendan's portrayal of Fr Fintan Stack at 9pm tonight.


RIP Brendan Grace. Sad
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