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rdd3,454 posts since 21 Jun 2001
Not that I've seen. They made a big deal of it being Ireland's largest HD studio when it launched and hoped that third parties would make big use of it but RTÉ and TG4 aren't likely to be customers while Setanta would have no need for such a big set, so I don't know who they had in mind. Its being used mainly for The 5:30 and sports programmes from what I can see. Then again, I don't watch any of TV3's seemingly endless daytime output (chat show after chat show after chat show) so I don't know to what extent they're marking use of it.

At one stage they did a shoot of their existing studio that revealed that all of their programmes were effectively shot in the one studio on sets next to each other so they may have gotten so efficient in that set up that they may be reluctant to move them all.
edmund1,227 posts since 21 Sep 2009
Thats good news, it will probably launch on Sky after the Christmas EPG freeze.
This would be an ideal time for new RTÉ One presentation to launch. New Christmas idents are needed - The current Christmas branding is getting tiresome with the original 2006 ident still airing each year. Even the newer batch from 2008 focuses on the controversial artificial Christmas tree used in O'Connell Street each Christmas from 2008 to 2011.
Then in the new year a full new look could be launched.
rdd3,454 posts since 21 Jun 2001
The current presentation is the longest lasting since the 1970s RTE TV ident, which was also RTÉ One's first. At one stage RTÉ One was changing its presentation every three years like clockwork, but the current look has lasted seven years. I'd imagine in the "Age of Austerity", RTÉ is reluctant to revamp RTÉ One (since nearly everyone in the country will notice, and cue the usual from politicians about licence payers money being wasted) and to be fair the current BBC One idents are actually on air (slightly) longer than the RTÉ set.

That said, the holding slide for RTÉ One HD on UPC is definitely based on the current look, so I wouldn't be hopefully of a revamp, not before Christmas anyway.
edmund1,227 posts since 21 Sep 2009
RTÉ One has launched its Christmas presentation today. They have updated the existing Christmas presentation. A new frosted ice effect frames the footage and all sparkle effects have had there colour changed from red to white. The miscelleneous graphics have not been altered.

TV3 also launched its Christmas look this morning. The Christmas snowman '3' ident from the 2008 rebrand has made a return - no sign of the ice-skating ident used in 2011 and 2012.

Currently recording RTÉ Two and TG4 to see if they have made any changes.

Presentation coverage will be online at Presentation Archive upon its launch.