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God, needs the Christmas trees to brighten it up a bit. Even London Live would say that is too much brick .

Way too much brick. They even put brick on one of the screens in the studio during cooking segments and it looks awful. *
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Regarding the Toy Show. It was advertised on the Sky EPG in the UK. Any ideas why?

You could watch it in the UK via RTE Player International. Do you remember what the advert said? Like how to watch?

I just clicked on the link and got a message that the programme wasn't available.
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UTV Newsline
From a non Republic of Ireland viewpoint what is amazing about this schedule is 2 hrs 30 minutes of religious programming in the morning. That seems mad!

That is RTE for you - even in 2019 they still air large live religious programming, with nearly 6 hours of religious coverage over the Easter holidays.