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dvboy Central (West) Midlands Today
Tennis Channel has taken the right to ATP Tennis in the United States from ESPN from 2021.
Tennis on telly | Hello, good evening, and remain indoors.
Ste Founding member Granada North West Today
Trouble in France with Ligue 1 rights holder Mediapro missing a payment and wanting to renegotiate their deal and the league refusing.
melpax World News
The AFL Grand Final, one of the biggest events in Australian sport, will be played next Saturday in Brisbane.

Will be the first GF played outside Melbourne, and also the first played at night - will be interesting to see if this aspect remains...

Very lucky to have got to this stage, the season was paused after round 1 in March until June 11, and the schedule had to be redrawn after the 4th round when the spike in cases in Melbourne resulted in state border closures. There ended up being 2 hubs set up, in Perth & in Queensland where the Melbourne & Sydney teams relocated to. When the borders were closed, the 2 broadcasters (7 network & Fox Sports) had to have the games called remotely, in 7's case, from Melbourne & Adelaide where Bruce McAvaney lives. Some networks also sent their Football reporters up to Queensland, where they had to undergo 14 days quarantine.

Bruce is now up in Brisbane, where he will be presenting 7's coverage on Saturday, and other commentators have come up from Melbourne, and had to quarantine on arrival in Queensland

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