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DOGs predate digital TV by a good deal, so if there is any influence between DOGs and digital TV software - I’m not sure there is- if would be in the opposite direction.

I think it’s just tradition really and what has grown up. Worth noting that for sports, many US channels move their DOG to the top of the screen. Likewise there have been U.K. channels with bottom of the screen DOGs in the past - it would have been relatively common in the early days of cable TV, and especially among news channels - Sky News’ DOG was at the bottom of the screen until 2001 and went back there again for a period later in the 2000s.
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(I'm Italian)

When it comes to Italian channels, for the most part, only Mediaset channels and La7 channels (plus some other minor/local channels) are exceptions

The rest have it at the top

On Spanish TV a few channels (less than in Italy) also have it at the top
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I had forgotten BT Sport as a really obvious example of a latter day U.K. channel family that uses DOGs at the bottom of the screen. Of course, they’re fairly often temporarily moved to the top (for Champions League coverage and, in BT Sport ESPN’s case, for the same reason as US channels move their DOGs to the top for Sport - because the US host broadcasters are using the bottom of the screen for a scorebar or other lower thirds).
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Are BeIn Sports still scrolling there's across the screen?

Yes they were on Wednesday night during the Man City v Burton match. Sometimes with an additional scrolling message across the bottom about BeOutQ piracy,

Comparison of beOutQ coverage and BeIN coverage here:

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On December 9th, 2018, as part of the celebrations of its 45th anniversary, Globo's Sunday morning sports magazine show, Esporte Espetacular , revamped its on-air look, moved from the network's headquarters at Jardim Botânico, in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro, into the building that houses sister network SporTV, at Barra da Tijuca, in the western part of the city (as well as the entire Globo sports department, which, together with SporTV, became one unified operation), albeit with a nearly-identical set, and a new version of "Hyde Park", which has served as the show's theme (either on a primary or secondary basis) for the show's nearly entire history.

The show's opens over the years:

The entire episode from that day, which started with an interview with Keith Mansfield, the composer of "Hyde Park": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFfKTNNm_rU

And an excerpt of the new version of "Hyde Park" for the show:

Also, just for fun, the theme for Record TV's counterpart, Esporte Fantástico , which premiered in 2009 (as part of the network's attempt to lead the Brazilian ratings by mimicking many aspects of Globo's programming - and it kind of worked for some time) with a theme that's very reminiscent of "Hyde Park".
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Great stuff. Good to hear Keith's library music being used in another general sports programme in another country.

Loved the 94-97 titles. Very clever title design incorporating the logo around the various sports equipment. Then ruined by a nasty bit of computer editing in the next title refresh.

I take it Globo have spun off F1 into a separate programming entity? Would have thought they may have included a car speeding off into the distance with those little grey lines swerling around it, in the new 2019 titles refresh.
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