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I don't see how they would fail to work with a VO if you adapted the concept for either BBC One or ITV. Maybe it's because I grew up on Central who did their CAs over a fixed-length ident and piece of music. The way I hear it in my head is finishing the CA to hit the five-note motif.

The issue I have is that the ident has so much of a 'story' or 'narrative flow' with so much going on, so many shot changes etc. that it would fight a VO telling you about something totally different - the details of the next show or channel events happening later. There would a dissonance between what you were seeing and what you were hearing.

If you look at the various BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three or BBC Four idents over the years they've either been continuously neutral, or have had a short bit of action or detail prior to becoming more neutral before the VO starts. They don't try to tell any form of significant story visually.

The SRF stuff looks like it is far more suited to a standalone channel branding sting, or a sting that resolves into a separate menu slate which is then VO-ed? (But in UK terms they are too long for that usage)
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One thing has to be said about SRF, and indeed many German-speaking channels: they should just avoid cheesy slogan/catchphrases like "in the heart of Switzerland"..

Ehm, SRF broadcasts for Switzerland, I'm sure no one in Switzerland ever knew that

Messing around with a rather great identity

As a tenuous link, watching the SRF Eins idents again, does anyone else get a "Eurovision postcard" vibe? Notably DR's ones in 2014 when the artists made their national flags from physical elements?

Yeah some of them have that feel, indeed
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Just wondering, does anyone know why TV DOGs are in different places as standard in different countries? US TV always has it at the bottom left or right however in Europe it’s always on the top right or left.

I think it's because most providers in the US have their Navigation Bar, or "Search & Scan" banner at the top, rather than the bottom. So they put the DOG at the bottom.
Do you even read these?
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