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Granada North West Today
Spike becomes Paramount Network Promo

I actually love this, so clean and crisp
Speaking of Viacom...

I'll ask it here too, since I think there's no need to open a thread just for MTV:
MTV Italy, MTV Germany, MTV NL, MTV Denmark &c (Spain and Hungary already adopted them in October) have (once again) a new look, apparently the American one

Not only this new look is rather "blandish", but it destroys any consistency with the MTV music channels they took a lot time to build.. has the British operation adopted this look?
Thanks Smile

Unfortunately not, which is a shame because the new design is so clean compared to the current mess and reaches out to early 2000s MTV that I loved and was more MTV than it is today...
However it seems that it would be coming to our shores soon due to the fact ‘UK’ is mentioned so much here (UK Top 40 etc) http://trollback.com/projects/mtv/
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BBC World
Breakbumpers from Telefe, in Argentina:

Summer / Autumn / 25th Anniversary / Winter / Spring / Christmas 2015:

Summer / Autumn / Winter / Spring / Christmas 2016:

Summer 2017:


Autumn 2017:


Winter 2017:


Spring 2017:


Christmas 2017:


Summer 2018:

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Paramount Network launch..well pre-launch?-ish (they pretty much switched over the branding to Paramount):

Update: Funny last messages from Spike's twitter:

Countdown to launch:
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