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DonnyGuy World News
We used to have a thread dedicated to International Presentation featuring the styles of overseas television stations however it seems to have disappeared so I thought I would re-start the thread starting off with television stations in Greece.

ANT1 (pronounced Antenna)
ANT1 are the first (perhaps only due to the economic crisis) station in Greece to launch a new on screen look for the 2010-2011 season on Monday 6th September. They have kept the same tag line of 'fresh' but have new promo styles and idents.

IDENTS: Entertainment - Movies - Romance - Sports and News

COMING SOON TEASERS: All 11 - Top Chef - Good Morning Greece - Next Top Model

Also the news programming of ANT1 is due for major changes as they have been falling behind Mega in the ratings. Maria Xoukli (who was the main newsreader on state channel NET) has moved to ANT1 and will present the first new look ANT1 news on September 20th.

Mega Channel
Mega usually updates it's on screen look every September but last year it changed the style only slightly to feature a campaign called 'Mega is 20' (they started broadcasting in November 1989) before a complete new look was launched in early 2010 called 'mega mou' (My Mega) meaning they may let this campaign run through the 2010 - 2011 season. Personally I hope not as I'm not loving these idents.

MEGA MOU: Video One - Video Two

PROGRAMS: At The Last Minute & The Twenty

Star Channel
Star launched a strange new style of idents in September 2009 and they have not yet been replaced meaning they too may be keeping them for a second year.

IDENTS: Hairdressers - Bus Driver - Hoop

MISC: Break Bumper - Program Promo

ERT (Hellenic Radio Television)
You may remember from the original thread that Red Bee Media rebranded ERT and the new look launched in June 2008.

The on screen look hasn't changed at all since that time, the same idents and break bumpers are used all year round (with the exception of Christmas and Easter)

ET1 Ident Montage - NET Ident Montage

ET1 - Love - Anticipation - Astonishment - Water
NET - Models - Woods - Dance - Beach - Lanterns and Shadows
ET3 - Modern - Food - Entertainment - Sea and Ancient

The three channels use the same intro for the news with one exception, both titles use pictures from around the world before using pictures from Greece, ET1 & NET finish with pictures from Athens whereas ET3 use pictures from Thessaloniki and Northern Greece.

Finally, the Christmas Ident that featured on ET1 and NET during Christmas / New Year 2008. It didn't however make a return during Christmas 2009 where instead they used the break bumpers as idents - it didn't look good.
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Viakenny World News
now, off to Brazil:

Rede Globo :
The #1 network here for decades, they've made small changes to their identity in the past years, and the last major change was in 2008, when the current version of their logo debuted.
2010 ident, used before all high-definition programming: "On the air, another program with HD technology"

Each of their newscasts has its distinctive identity:
Bom Dia Brasil ("Good Morning Brazil", morning news): 2006-present (video from 2008)
Jornal Hoje ("Today News", midday news): 2008-present
Jornal Nacional ("National News", evening news, also the nation's first networked newscast, and still #1 in the ratings): 2009-present
Jornal da Globo ("Globo News", "The News from Globo", late news): 2009-present

Rede Record (pronounced "Reh-COHR"):
Currently #2 in the ratings (until a few years ago, #3), they rarely use idents for their programming, only before the local news on some of their O&O (owned and operated) stations and before their telenovelas.
2010 idents: generic 1 - generic 2 - Marcos Hummel (host of newsmagazine "Câmera Record") - Ídolos (local version of the Idol franchise)

Again, each newscast has its own identity:
Fala Brasil ("Talk, Brazil", morning news): 2009-present
Jornal da Record ("Record News", "The News from Record", evening news): 2009-present (preceded by local sponsorship)

SBT (Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão) :
The former #2 network, now #3, has just launched its new look. They usually do so every year, after their anniversary in August. This time, it was the first time their on-air identity was created outside the network, by the local operation of advertising agency Publicis.
2010 ident: "A TV mais feliz do Brasil" ("Brazil's happiest TV", their slogan since 2009)

Jornal do SBT Manhã ("SBT Morning News"): 2010-present
SBT Brasil ("SBT Brazil", evening news): 2010-present
Jornal do SBT ("SBT News", late news): 2010-present

Rede Bandeirantes, or simply Band (pronounced "BAHN-djee") :
The sometimes-#4-sometimes-#5-network wants to become the #2 network and has launched several new shows this year and also new graphics, with a glossier logo, and a new slogan: "Olho na tela, olho na Band" ("Eye on the screen, eye on Band", also referring to their "eye" logo):

Idents: long - short daytime 1 - short daytime 2 - short primetime

"Olho na tela..." promos: 1 (HD) - 2 (SD)

Newscasts (all with a common musical signature, also all aired in HD, but none of the videos is HD):
Primeiro Jornal ("First News", morning news): 2009-present
Jornal da Band ("Band News", "The News from Band", evening news): 2010-present
Jornal da Noite ("Night News", "Late News"): 2008-present

The youngest among the major networks (it's just under 11), it is the first (and only) Brazilian network to produce ALL of its original programming in high-definition, but also has a reputation for low-brow programming, which they're trying to change, with new game shows and American series. They're also using, since this year, season-themed idents.

Idents: Winter 2010 (terrible quality) - Fall/Autumn 2010 - Summer 2010

Newscasts (all in HD, all video in SD):
Leitura Dinâmica Primeira Edição ("Speed Reading - First Edition", morning news): 2010-present (terrible quality)
RedeTV! News (evening news): 2010-present
Leitura Dinâmica ("Speed Reading", late news, the network's only pre-recorded bulletin): 2010-present
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94 days later

whoiam989 World News
Telecine, a group of Brazilian TV channels specialised in films, recently got its new look. Beeld Motion, a Brazilian agency, is all behind this.

Telecine is a part of Rede Globo. So, will they call Beeld once again for their next rebrand, showing a modern and polished look of Rede Globo and beating Hans Donner?

55 days later

ABC1 in Australia has redesigned its logo:


Some links:

ABC2 will follow in April...
BBC Worldwide have begun rolling out a new set of idents for BBC Knowledge, starting in Poland were an HD version of the channel was launched a week ago.

The new idents were created by Tilt Design, who have posted screenshots and a video on their website:





Hmm... putting the channel logo in the ident in a real-world situation... original Smile

Thank god the idents themselves look awesome. Very Happy
Jamesypoo Anglia (East) Look East
The leaf one could have easily been a BBC Two ident.
The leaf one could have easily been a BBC Two ident.

Will a bit of tweaking, all of them could, and should, replace most of the current set of dross.
Inspector Sands
Vintage ABC Television Logo Treatments, from an old 8.5 by 11 Kodak box in a storage room near the art department at ABC Television in New York.
Jonny Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
The leaf one could have easily been a BBC Two ident.

Pleased I wasn't the only one who thought that (in fact the whole set could be more or less transferred).

Whilst I don't hate the current BBC2 idents (my main beef is reserved for the "rad" presentation style they decided to introduce, a serious lapse in judgement) and it's a shame the batch was only ever reduced rather than more to the standard of Mirror and Cappuccino added to freshen things up, seeing the above really serves to highlight a remarkable difference in production values between two strikingly similar themes.
gottago London London
Vintage ABC Television Logo Treatments, from an old 8.5 by 11 Kodak box in a storage room near the art department at ABC Television in New York.

Some truly bizarre designs there.
remlap Wales Wales Today
Vintage ABC Television Logo Treatments, from an old 8.5 by 11 Kodak box in a storage room near the art department at ABC Television in New York.

29 seconds is my favourite could of looked good on air and 52 seconds reminds me of the early Harlech logo.

Good Vimeo find!

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