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Another one I've thought about recently is the presentation for the 'TWO' era BBC Two. Up until April 15, 1989, there was no single slide design, so between the beginning of the 'TWO' era in March 1986, up until April 14th 1989, there were two different slide designs used, one with a black background and a 2D version of the 'TWO' logo, in which the programme image takes over half of the screen, and another with the actual logo on a white background, and then the programme name in a sans serif font, with an image of the programme inside a box with a pink drop shadow;


Then, in February 1989, a third design with the 'TWO' logo and the programme name in a white banner across the bottom of the screen, with 70% of the screen taken up by an image of the programme listed. This only lasted for several weeks;

Finally, on the day of the Hillsborough Disaster in Sheffield, all three previous designs were dropped in favour of the "white ribbon" slide, that featured a smaller 'TWO' logo in the bottom left corner of the screen inside a white ribbon, complete with a fade effect, and the programme name in a white sans serif font in the centre. In which the programme image now takes almost 90% of the screen. This design was used for the remainder of the 'TWO' era.

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BBC 1 had its own inconsistencies, there was an era of the stripey logo on slides alongside Futura on the globe and clock.

Plus multiple periods through the years of BBC 2 using slides to promote BBC 1 programmes in an entirely different style to those used on BBC 1 itself.
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They also kept their 1996 endboard after the respective introductions of the 1999 generic ident and the video wall ident - only dropping it in late 2001 when all the GMG-owned stations received purple endboards.

Granada kept their 1994 endcap until 2001 as well- even though again the idents using that look were long gone by then.
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Found this rare treat at the end of Series 3 or Mr. Majeika; a filmed version of the September 1989 TVS endboard! Pretty strange seeing the 1989 ITV logo deteriorated.

At this point, the ITV franchise endboards were largely being produced electronically, so it makes we wonder if any other ITV franchises had filmed versions of their enboards for 16 and 35mm produced programmes.
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When the first ITV generic look launched on September 1st, 1989, all of the ITV franchises that agreed to adopt it; (Yorkshire, Scottish Television, Tyne Tees, HTV, Central and Grampian) launched their looks bang on the day it was due to be rolled, except for the London region, where Thames, who agreed to adopt the 1989 generic look, decided to stick with their 21st Anniversary ident before handing over to LWT, which to my knowledge, was the first ITV franchise to roll out their version of the 1989 generic ident.

I've been watching Thames continuity from late August 1989, when they were using their 21st Anniversary ident, I noticed the endboards used were that of the "THAMES COLOUR PRODUCTION/FROM Thames IN COLOUR" versions of the 1969 skyline logo. Does anyone know if on the day the corporate ITV logo launched, Thames continued to use the '69 endboards, or if they started using the "THAMES TELEVISION PRODUCTION/PROGRAMME/PRESENTATION (FOR ITV)" ones before handing over to LWT in the evening?

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Pretty certain they didn't. Certainly I remember the surprise/disappointment of seeing ITV LWT ident at 5:15. I don't remember seeing it at all until then except in the Get Ready promo.

I remember too that weekend being intrigued what Thames' would look like on the Monday

If, as you say, LWT were the first and all the regions launched them on that day then presumably they all launched them at 7pm? In which case why would Thames have jumped the gun when it could just be a neat start on the 4th?
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