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Impressed With Digital Radio

I know this is a TV forum but... (November 2003)

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Just bought a 'Pure Evoke-1' digital radio for work for 89.99 from Argos and I'm very impressed.

It's only got one speaker but I've got it plugged into a pair of mains-powered speakers (used to have a Walkman plugged into them) and the sound quality is excellent.

Only one problem - if someone else in the lab's got their radio on the same station - and analogue - there's a splight annoying delay! I'll have to convert them all!
Oh Argos are a miserable bunch of sods......bought a Freeview box from them yesterday but they won't do a refund if it doesn't work....fools Evil or Very Mad

Nice new Pace box for only 68.99 though.
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I bought a Freeview box last year from Argos. They wouldn't serve me at first because they thought you had to be over 18. After very politing explaining for the remainder of the night why you don't need to sign a contract for Freeview, they grudgingly gave me the box.

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