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indeed. She had been in bottom two a couple of times earlier in the week. I suspect that for many of the core IACGMOOH audience they haven't actually heard of her and her extended families. So a lot of the stories she talks about would mean nothing. Whilst I have heard of her (and can remember her as Bruce the athlete) I have to say I have zero interest in the types of programmes she has become famous on.
I’m genuinely surprised that Caitlyn has gone. I thought she would win.
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I suspect most have heard of the family and just avoid them, but I've always fond Caitlyn good value when she's been a guest on other shows. However the big Americans they love to bring in on these type of shows are often without a fanbase in the UK and generally don't make it to the end when it comes to the public vote.
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First Caitlyn and now Kate! I genuinely thought those were the top two and would be head to head in the final. Shows how much I know......

As much as the result felt like a close one this year, I voted consistently for the winner throughout.

I just hope someone from this year's crop is taken to replace Adam Thomas in Extra Camp. Obviously the style of the show is very ITV2, but for me he crosses the line from excitable to bloody annoying.