saturdaymorning1,109 posts since 2 Jul 2005
Well it is better than those people ITV1 call celebs looking at the camera for no apparent reason. But the better the idents get,the less local we get! Sorry to be off-topic,but ITV1 does need a shake-up when the new look debuts.

Back to Westcountry!
tvarksouthwest4,098 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I can't understand why they need ANOTHER new look so soon after the last one. It's just another marketing boss (who in all probability doesn't care about ITV) wanting to make her mark.

The main ITV1 ident is quite solid and inoffensive; given the past week's events it's been far more suitable than celebs would have been. However, the package could do with some tweaks; specialist breakdown captions, and different designs for menu endboards/break slides etc.