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Steve709 posts since 9 Apr 2001
Hey, Big Phil. Thanx for the info.
How do you know so much? Do you work at Granada?
No doubt studio 2 will still be used despite 3sixtyvision
now there ( in conj. with BBC ) and new studios including a vitual reality one. Yes. Good to hear Bob Greaves is coming back - the face of the NorthWest!
Big Phil
What is 3sixty vision?

Thanks btw, and I wish I did work for Granada! I want to read the news somewhere when I leave college, so perhaps I will be a Granada employee in the future!
Steve709 posts since 9 Apr 2001
3sixtyvision is a new joint venture ( not the type you smoke ! ) between Granada ( bless em ) and BBC. It is a new set up based at the Quay Street HQ offering studio and production facilities. Opened last month.
PS I don't think Granada will present the news from Liverpool over Easter from Liverpool. I think they only have a one camera ' link ' facility. Other space is for Granada's satellite station- Shop!- TV shopping.
Andrew13,990 posts since 27 Mar 2001
Going back to Christine Talbot, I believe she is returning to YTV in September.
Live Lunch is instead of Tonight, Weekdays at 1pm.

Ian 'What the eck's that over there' Clayton, seems to have taken over Christine's role of appearing on every other regional programme. (Ian's Big Trip, Clayton's Country, The Making of Magna, Saving Nostell Priory....), the latter two are this and next week, Tuesday ay 7.30!
Square Eyes7,825 posts since 31 Mar 2001
Christine Talbot is doing wellbeing (co Granada/Boots lifestyle channel) at the moment. Does that mean Tonight will be returning to our screens ? It kind of disappeared all of a sudden.