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Oh no, I don't like the idea of separate forums for subjects, just imagine how many of the things you'd need for it to work. No, that's totally unworkable in my view and much worse than the reason for your complaint.

Leave it as it is I say. These dedicated threads aren't an evil ploy of somebody's, they have naturally evolved out of the forum and it's members. I'm all in favour of letting nature take it's course, not a genetically modified forum. Laughing
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Asa posted:
having non-pres threads (Corrie etc..) are better in their own thread so they don't overrun a forum largely dedicated to presentation.

At the time the current Corrie thread started I was waiting for it to be locked - as one had been a month previously - for not being about presentation.

Not that I'd wish for it to be taken away from anyone, of course Smile
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psnowdon posted:
My personal take on large non-specific threads is somewhere in the middle. On the one hand I don't like seeing hundreds of new threads created when the information could fit into another existing thread, on the other I don't think huge threads are friendly.

So do you think that individual forums for each general subject i.e. 'Welsh TV' could be created so that all new developments, even small ones, could be posted in there? (atleast users interested in that topic wouldn't have to sort through posts about threads about MIDLANDS today, for example, to find their thread)


A Welsh-only or Yorkshire-only board would be foolish. There aren't nearly enough things to fill entire boards, quite apart from the idea of separating people and subjects off being unpleasant. This place may have had many criticisms levelled at it, but it is still rather cosy compared to many others [e.g. digital spy], with just four boards, and the main one which everyone is part of.

Tell me honestly -- do you actually *care* about what goes on in Wales? Do the majority of posters here? I'd hazard, no. Sure a passing interest if something more major happens, but I'd suggest most people are happy to have all the 'trivial' regional stuff swept away into one thread.

I can't honestly think when you'd need to "read all 254 pages", other than some form of punishment -- it all goes back to January. Surely any enquiry would refer to fairly recent things, and if not [say, when the breakflash was introduced to HTV], then the small thread dedicated to that subject would have *certainly* dropped off the end. At least the date is in there somewhere, for reference.

And finally -- several non-regular people have posted in the Wales thread [as they are most welcome], often starting with, "I don't know if this has been mentioned..", and they have never been attacked or jumped on. It is understandable if they weren't sure if it had been mentioned.

But to be honest with you, most people outside the transmission area [and many inside it] aren't really arsed to post in the first place.
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I think it's simple. If longer-serving members, or members who have only been following one or two 100-page long threads see a newbie post a NEW thread about something, that they simply don't jump down their throat.

That's all it takes. Courtesy. If someone wants to post a new thread and you're already covering it, and the existing thread is 100 pages long, perhaps that new person ought to take the credit for pointing out their particular topic of interest, and that replies should move to their new thread, instead?

It seems to be too much a case of "I got here first", which is both childish and unnecessary.
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Great to se that new posts have a new 'GO to page [ ]' box at the bottom so this would be aided if the creators could state the page of the new news/info in their descriptions (some already do do this)

good work Asa Very Happy

EDIT: pity this feature isn't on the threads in question (the huge, established threads)
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cwathen posted:
Would that not then result in acknowledging a person's thread as being official and therefore more valid than anyone elses?

cwathen posted:
That would then also give someone more authority for no reason other than happening to be the person who created a popular thread?


Is that not how elections work? The candidate who is the most popular gains authority over others. Those who are less popular are put on to the scrap heap of history. Perhaps in the case of the official threads, there need to be elections for thread moderators. However, in order not to upset the status quo, the board administrator could just appoint the official thread moderator.

Remember that Web Forums are not, and have never been intended to be, democratic institutions.