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New titles/theme - 13/09/10 (September 2010)

Stuart West Country (West) Spotlight
The new titles and amended theme music for Hollyoaks, originally planned for late July, have finally aired.


Here's the video:

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AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I want to 4oD to listen to the new theme, but the one on their had the previous titles.
littlesmegger Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Well it certainly goes after it's target audience of image conscious teens who think the real world is like Hollyoaks, when in fact the real world is more like Eastenders... miserable. Laughing
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Laughing That is a good way of describing it.

The titles are a bit of a mish mash, but I like the music, much better IMO than the one they were using.
DJ Dave Granada North West Today
I like them, and the music is so much better then the last one.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
A nice update, though not sure about the end title card - a bit garish.

Interestingly too these have been completely refilmed and the titles originally intended to launch back in July - which contrary to these showed the actors out of character - ditched completely.
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111 days later

NorthTonight STV North Reporting Scotland
Noticed that first look Hollyoaks on Friday was copyrighted MMXI despite it still only being 2010 when it first aired. A few times even since the new titles aired they've had copyright MMIX by mistake too.

On a different Oaks matter - the Jasmine / Jason storyline has been really well done IMO. Good episode coming up Monday 630pm
Mr-Stabby London London
That's quite good actually. Nicely stylish without being too annoying like the previous title sequence.

If i had to criticise, there is what seems to be an awkward edit in the music just before the title card comes up, and it's distracting.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Thankfully that title card was pretty swiftly replaced with something slightly less garish. Just wish they'd use an alternative theme when appropriate for episodes where something slower is appropriate. They still continue the backing music occassionally if it's in the scene before, but there were a couple of episodes in the aftermath of the fire which cut to this theme, which is especially annoying when they have actually created a slow version of the new theme which would be perfect, as heard in a trailer here
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Gavin Scott Founding member STV Central Reporting Scotland
The earlier titles were much more enjoyable. They seemed fun and playful.

Every one of them in this set look like posturing, preening twits. Every one of them sucking their cheeks in.


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