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I'm sure some Daily Express journalist is getting very excited about this major defection to the BBC, but a new show with Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh (produced by Hungry Bear, aka Mr Willoughby) has been announced.

Before you finish writing that "HOLLY AND BRAD QUIT ITV", it is just a single one-hour show for Christmas - basically sounds like Brad and Holly's Christmas Presents crossed with the Place on a Plane part of Saturday Night Takeaway. Guess it'll air either before or after the Strictly final.

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Holly in working on a show produced by her husband's company shocker!

I don’t think it would be fair to call it nepotism though, she is one of the biggest stars on UK TV. It’s probably more just as much the case of Holly doing it for her husband than the other way around. The BBC or any production would love to have those two fronting such a show.
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Brekkie33,902 posts since 4 Jan 2003
HTV Wales Wales Today
Would this be the first show Bradley has presented for BBC TV. I can't think of anything else though he may have fronted the lottery show in the past, though I might be mixing him up with Brian Conley.
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Interesting to see Bradders fronting a show on the BBC. I've always thought he would have been a perfect host for The Generation Game revamp, but seemed too much of an ITV face to do it. Now it seems like there's more of a possibility, if this is just a start.