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It wasn't unusual to see a Fireworks PIF on BBC1 leading up to November 5th in between CBBC and Neighbours, even as late as the mid 2000's.

I think the original poster may be a bit young to remember a good scary PIF before BBC1 closed down for the night and faded to black.
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I've just seen an HM Coastguard advert on BBC One telling you to call 999 and ask for Coastguard in an emergency.

It came on between the Weather at 00:15 just before joining the news channel.

Is this a new thing, or is it just something (or the type of thing) that's often shown at night?

There's been a PIF between the weather and closedown/news channel for as long as I can remember.

Used to be followed by the announcer saying something like "That was a public information film" but not for quite a few years.

I presume the BBC were required to specify that the viewer had just seen a PIF, because they may have also seen the same one on ITV or C4 - and mistaken the PIF for an "advert" on the BBC!

"That was a public information film, not a commercial - so you still need to pay your TV license!"
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does anyone remember the talking cloud? that was always on before CITV in the 90s?

What come first the above of this:

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