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I'm struggling to work out how that could have happened. Would Colin have been listening to an off-air feed (as is common in radio) or the studio output? If the latter then that implies that the TVS feed must have got to air via Granada's sound desk, which implies that somebody was still half asleep and faded up the wrong source.

Although why they'd have a feed of TVS on the desk when the next programme was coming from Central (possibly via Thames) is intriguing.

It doesn't look like that YT user is uploading mocks so I agree it seems genuine.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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I'd have thought it very unlikely that he's listening off air, not only is there no reason that he should he'd also hear himself, and of course create a howl round if on speakers.

I would assume it was coming up a line from Southampton and the wrong thing faded (or by the sounds of it, routed) to air. If it had been something after Granada in their distribution it was only coincidence that it disappeared then.

Why TVS? Well maybe something had been fed up the line during their off air time or still there from the night before? It could have been something that the company doing the schools programmes had routed to line
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This is a very interesting clip:

This Clip is from Sunday 11 October 1987: at 2pm: , why is it interesting? Emmerdale was also broadcast by Scottish and Grampian at 2.30! Just in-case you did not know ALL three companies played out Emmerdale farm at 17.15 on Monday and Tuesday, With Blockbusters getting the other three days plus Saturday.

Turns out the Mon and Tues slot was filled by Snooker on 28th and 29th September, with Emmerdale returning to normal a week after. The thing is ALL other ITV station played out Emmerdale at 7pm, but all three companies hated Emmerdale, and this continued right up to ITV mergers.

So all three were now a week further behide, so had to found a slot to broadcast the two episodes, and what better place than Mid Sunday afternoon.

Anglia own soap in 1970-72 "Weavers Green" was axed in favour of YTV Emmerdale , and STV hated, im not sure why, but it was something do to with TTHR, mind you Scottish keep it in that 17.15 slot right up to 1998.

Instead of EF: Anglia had Only when I laugh and Magnum, while STV and Grampian and TTHR!