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Many have argued that the BBC is facing the biggest change in its near one hundred year old history. In light of a number of recent scandals, the purpose of the BBC's funding has been put into question particularly in the modern, multi-channel environment.

There have been calls for the BBC to look into a subscription based service, similar to that of Netflix, and there has also been talk of the decriminalisation of the licence fee, which as it stands could see somebody landed with a criminal record if they refuse to pay the fee.

Many feel that the quality of the BBC is not what it was once, and the purpose of having a BBC 1, 2, 3, etc in an 'on-demand' world is a generally out of date idea. Evidently, more and more people are moving to online based services.

Despite this, the BBC is the longest running broadcaster and arguably does provide a service in areas that others don't.

What do you guys think?
BBC provides programmes other and Netflix would never touch.

Such as?
Look at what you get from the BBC and how much it costs you a day. Bargain I'd say.

The question was whether or not the BBC has had its day, not is the licence fee value for money.

I suppose I should ask you, are you a regular viewer of BBC programming, do you feel that standards have got lower in recent years? Do you think there needs to be a complete overhaul of the way the BBC is run?
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I'm happy with what I get. I rarely watch an other channels than BBC. I think standards on all channels have got lower but that's what happens in multi channel tv. You tend to every now and again get a mind blowing programme but not as often as it is all diluted down now.

Money does come into it as saving need to be made and of course this will have an effect on programmes. You don't get one without the other these days.
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As a filthy convict from Aus I'm envious of your public broadcaster. You guys definitely get a superior service and, best of all, the BBC is held accountable by the viewing public and politicians and forces its rivals to maintain quality. Our commercial broadcasters don't have a popular quality competitor or are regulated to maintain standards, and as a result the quality of viewing has declined.