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Happy Christmas TVForum!

(December 2010)

Paul Clark West Country (East) Points West
Merry Christmas to all members and staff - thanks for the good contributions and help over the year which have continued to make the site worth visiting; all the best for 2011! Cheers everyone Smile
Stuart West Country (West) Spotlight
I think one of the weather forecasters has perhaps had a glass of Bertola as well.......................Merry Christmas.

I think Maxine Mawhinney may have also sniffed the sherry trifle before announcing the midday news as being at 11 o'clock on the BBC News Channel. Laughing

Merry Christmas to all, and especially those who are working today. Wink
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
So Christmas Greetings from me too....

Have a giggle at the expense of a few broadcasters, and the Swiss Finance Minister, if you've not already ...

BBC's Odd Box Christmas special


25-Dec-2010 @ 15:22
Well we've certainly got a White Christmas

where the tree tops glisten

and children listen

to their Ipods Very Happy

have a fun time everybody

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