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This is such a hard choice as there have been many amazing ones of the years, and everyone will have different ones.

Some from me:
90s & 00s Wish You Were Here

Noel’s House Party

Live & Kicking

Keeping Up Appearances

Play Your Cards Right

And from childhood...
Tots TV


And those are just a few of many, many favourites.
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I don't think this has been mentioned yet - A Family At War (Granada, 1970-2), currently coming to the end of its' repeat run on Talking Pictures TV:

And, yes, the clever use of the sandcastle with flag - which presumably cost shillings to film, adds up to a very evocative opening.

I've always had a soft spot for the late Derek Hilton's theme to A Kind of Loving (Granada 19820, too.

Derek also did the stirring theme to The Spoils of War (Granada, 1980-1), which I can't find online now - and sadly no trace either of Nigel Hess's theme to A Brother's Tale (Granada, 1983 - and to my knowledge never repeated since - unless someone can correct me.)

Intelligent readers may have spotted a pattern - if it's Granada, and John Finch or Stan Barstow are involved, I'm all over it. This quartet probably makes up my top four list in tv drama - three of them were shown just as I was reaching the age to appreciate grown-up drama, and taught me at least something of what adult life was like.
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The results come out yesterday: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/apr/13/sherlock-named-uk-favourite-tv-theme-tune-in-radio-times-bfi-classic-fm-poll

Very Surprised.

The top 10:
1. Sherlock, David Arnold & Michael Price (2010)

2. Doctor Who, Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire, 1963

3. Robin of Sherwood, Clannad, 1984

4. The Persuaders! John Barry, 1971

5. Inspector Morse, Barrington Pheloung, 1987

6. Poldark, Anne Dudley, 2015

7. The Avengers, Laurie Johnson, 1965

8. Thunderbirds, Barry Gray, 1965

9. The Adventures of Black Beauty, Denis King, 1972

10. Match of the Day, Barry Stoller, 1970