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British composer Richard Blackford composed the epic CNN Millennium theme:

And if the following theme sounds vaguely familiar, it's because it was composed by John Williams, of Star Wars, Superman, E.T., Indiana Jones, etc., fame:

WW Update5,087 posts since 6 Feb 2007
I've always liked the theme to Granada's 1980s documentary series Television, which covers the development of the television medium...

...but it's so similar to Vangelis' theme from Blade Runner that some have speculated that it's a cover (although it's not listed as such in the credits).

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Re. the West Wing theme, the first two episodes of Season 1 feature a synthesised version before the real orchestral recording enters at episode 3 (I think it is). This recording has a split horn note at 6 seconds in, and that take was replaced by a clean one after the mid-season break in Season 1 IIRC.

Right, here are a few to lob into the mix. If we're doing John Williams:

Used by NBC for their Olympic coverage and the trio theme was used on BBC Sports Personality of the Year for years.

And in the children's television stakes, I raise:

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