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Didn't think any on the list were that inspiring. Not quite sure what I wanted to see on the list but it wasn't there.

Add your suggestion to the shortlist at the bottom!!
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One hopes people are clicking on the link and voting!
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Some of the best theme tunes are for sport programmes, and they tend to be the longest lasting too:


World of Sport

ITV Football (originally the Mexico 86 theme tune)

But the best isn't a TV theme at all:
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Someone posted the Simon May holiday theme tune, but the one I remember is this...


Looking outside of the UK, there is Star Trek Voyager , with a wonderful score by Jerry Goldsmith.

TinTin The Animated Series

The Good Fight

And some of my favourite classic UK show themes...



Composed by Christopher Gunning

Children's Hospital (1994)

Debbie Wiseman composed this theme (as well as Judge John Deed)

One more mention...

The original closing theme for Casualty (which I think is better than the opening theme)
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