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Granada's Bob Greaves

(September 2008)

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I was in for a shock earlier today whilst I was watching Wanted: Down Under.

The couple wanting to upsticks and move to Oz were no other than the now retired regional news reader Bob Greaves and his wife.

I cannot belive he has now retired from Granada for over 10 years.

Funnily enough, not once did they mention that Bob used to work in television!
That programme was a repeat, it was shown on my birthday back in January, so I watched it then, I know what you mean though, they didn't mention he was a newsreader, but saying that anyone outside the North West probably doesn't know who he is. Also couldn't believe how much younger his wife was, but Bob seemed rather reluctant on moving, he wanted to stay in Chehsire (think it was Macclesfield) and she wanted to go to Oz.

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