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(February 2002)

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Well, i caught the Granada Weather after the ITV Lunchtime News, and it is now in-vision just like YTV, TTTV etc.

About bloody time.
Big Phil
About bloody time indeed! Forget C-sodding-BBC, this is the highlight of the day!! I wonder if my rants a while ago influenced their decision? Anyway, looking good, nice new graphics, I was never keen on the last ones, but fingers crossed for an appearance from Jo Blythe in the near future on Granada!
With Fred Talbot?
Brekkie Boy 2001 on 2:19 pm on Feb. 11, 2002
With Fred Talbot?

I wish! No we had Debbie Lindley.

Fred Talbot is no more on Granada I'm afraid.
Yes, TTTV have the new graphics as well, I was wondering if Granada would get in-vision when I saw that. The graphics are the same on TTTV now as YTV, but we have got to keep our Bob the weatherman.

Not too keen on the graphics, I preferred the old ones, these ones seem a bit dated, but maybe they'll grow on me...

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