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Can't GSB use a logo which is not identical to Granada Plus? Different font, different colour, anything!
Logo from http://www.gsb.co.uk
Why would they want to? Granada Plus and Granada Breeze are part of the GSB family of channels.
Plus, Men and Motors, breeze, are part of the joint BskyB and Granada project called GSB.

Sky Ventures have them listed if you want proof
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Doesn't the Granada Plus circle sometimes have a + in instead?

Anyway, it's another confusing Granada logo.

Granada Television,
Granada Sky,
Granada Media,
Granada Reports (the new, silly arrow).

How about just having one?
Because Granada Media, Granada TV and Granada Sky Broadcasting are 3 different companies.

As to Reports - if it used the same logo as the channel, it might cause confusion and it certainly makes very little branding sense.
I meant that the GSB logo is exactly the same as the G+ logo - a different colour like the old Men and Motors logo, or a different font like Breeze would make a totally different look!