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(September 2001)

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Andrew Founding member
Digiguide has been updated.

For next week it used to say 'Granada Tonight', but it now says 'Granada Reports'

Granada Lunchtime Live returns on Monday too.
tim g
Digiguide must be REALLY behind, then - Lunchtime Live has been back at least 4 days now - presented by - and how the hell did she end up on some **** py local programme? - Jenny Powell....
Square Eyes Founding member
You're lucky in Granadaland you get Jenny Powell in Yorkshire we get Alan Hardwick !!!?!!

I hope that the new look Granada Reports get's some Calendar style thunderclaps !
RB posted:
I once ate vol au vents with him.

What a cultured man you are. Seen any more Granada employees at the gym of late? I've not seen Cropper for a long long time, hasn't had a nasty accident, has he?

And if the new look Granada TV logo is anything to go by, we should be in for a VERY impressive looking Granada Reports.
Big Phil
Just to add to what was mentioned about Lunchtime Live, Jenny Powell isn't the regular presenter, she just filled in for the great Eamon O'Neal on Tuesday I think.

Well, we've had the last of the old look Granada News and no mention of anything, just 'we're back tomorrow in GMTV'. Will all Granada news programmes be called Granada Reports, or just the 6pm one does anyone know?

Ooh, not long to wait for the nice new circle and arrow logo! It certainly looks impressive on the trailer! Much better than the TTTV-style one that they were originally going to change to!
So that new ident is going ahead then? I've not seen the trailer yet!! Must see it before tomorrow.

Any chance of you getting any screen shots from the trailer? And does it show the new studio?
Big Phil
Sorry, I meant that the circle and arrows logo forms part of the Granada Reports graphics (which are very nice- all orange and blue!), I don't know about the idents but it is likely!

I can't capture owt cos I'm skint and don't have a thingy that does that, but the trailer shows some of the studio, yes. It's pale blue with squares on the wall, but neither a desk nor armchairs were shown, so that whole 'will they or won't they have a desk' area is still a mystery! However, that desk off Soccer Sunday is a bit posh just for a regional football programme!

I wonder if GR other than the main 6pm one will be from the new studio or from the current chromakey studio, incidentally...
Andrew Founding member
tim g posted:
Digiguide must be REALLY behind, then - Lunchtime Live has been back at least 4 days now - presented by - and how the hell did she end up on some ****
py local programme? - Jenny Powell....

Sorry that was my fault, I just asumed that Granada Lunchtime Live would return at the same time as Yorkshire Live Lunch
itsrobert Founding member
From the breakfast news during GMTV:

Right Click to download the start of the regional bulletin during GMTV for Granada
BillyH Founding member

It looks so....RETRO!

It looks fantastic! Better than that London Tonight <BLEEP>

Wish I had that,but I'm still happy so far with the New look BBC LDN on the BBC! Smile
There was a preview of Granada Reports on the lunchtime Granada News, and it doesnt look like their is a soft area anymore. Rob and Lucy are now at a desk.
Interesting that they're obviously using Granada Reports as the name for the six o'clock programme and not the bulletins.

In the olden days, GR was used for all bulletins.

I just hope they avoid having a caption saying 'Back tomorrow' at the end of the late bulletin. As if we couldn't have guessed.

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