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We now know that all Granada, YTV and Tyne Tees continuity announcements are made from YTV in Leeds and the same duty announcer covers all the three regions. Has anyone every visited the presenation department there to see how it is done, particularly
at ' junctions ' when three different programmes are transmitted ( ie regional news ). I believe two announcements are prerecorded and one goes ' live '.
Also, here in Granadaland, we do seem to be getting a few more ' Now on Granada's ' etc even before networked programmes. Do you think presentation have had a bit of telling off for not making their regions
' regional ' enough as in the past when Granada, YTV and TTTV had there own announcers and didn't have to share ? Will we ever get our own announcers back again ? Presume not if it saves Granada money.
Isonstine2,501 posts since 28 Mar 2001
I think the 'Now on Granada, Yorkshire & Tyne Tees' are recorded and played out to the relevant company. Prime time announcements are live I think and I'm sure someone will come and correct!
I doubt regional announcers will ever return in full because if it saves money, then they'll do it.
What about Carlton owned ITV companies, do they have generic continuity announcements or local announcers ?