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Granada Plus Ident on Sky One

(March 2002)

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cwathen Founding member
During the break in the 7:30 episode of The Simpsons on Sky One (ITV Digital) a full length Granada Plus ident ran, for no apparant reason.

One commercial finished, then the ident ran, then on to the next commercial. I don't believe it was a commercial in itself because it was simply an ident, no voice over or anything, and it wasn't cropped to 14:9. I know that sometimes ITVD sometimes has different commercials or trails in place of those on Sky, but they usually make a bit more effort than this.

I'm of course wishing now that I recorded it (but unless I was recording the simpsons I wouldn't have got it all, because there was no warning at all that it was going to happen), because it was dogless too, and I doubt i'll ever see it again.

perhaps this will become more regular on ITVD.

One interesting thing I did notice is that the Granada Plus music does actually finish eventually, unlike virtually all other extended idents where it just fades away at the end of the ident tape.

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