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Big Phil
Right, as most of you will know, us in the NorthWest were disappointed to say the least about Granada's lack of a relaunch the other week. Well, I was bored, so I thought I'd knock together a couple of examples of how I think it should look.

You'll find them here: http://www.big-phil.ic24.net/granada.htm

Please be patient, as it will take a while to load. They're big pictures, you know.

(Edited by Big Phil at 9:22 pm on April 22, 2001)
The new versions for Granada (above) look great! why is Granada's on screen look so poor? It looks like they lat a bunch of four year old loose with a digital paint box.

While were on the subject of their presentation does anyone have any examples of Granada's 'themed' idents (I think they were trying to do a BBC TWO). There were quite a few such as the train, the soap on a rope, the modern art gallery etc.

they were all rotten but I wouldn't mind a copy of them for the sake of completeness.