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(August 2001)

BillyH Founding member London London
During the Lunchtime News bulletin we just got Central News!

Now at 1 we are back to London Today.
Isonstine Founding member London London
Interesting, London and the Midlands seem to be involved in a bit of news/channel swapping at the moment.

Which version was it. East, West or South? I presume it was the West version (Awful theme, awful boring spinning star and a very bad chromakey view of Birmingham) but it could of been one of the others, but I don't think it would of been.
BillyH Founding member London London
No titles,Lunchtime opt-out does not have them.
If they did,i only recorded the end of the bulletin (Within the Lunchtime news,not after)
But It wasn't West,it was a small purple studio,no view,just a purple background.
So I don't know. Do any of you?
Isonstine Founding member London London
Yep that would be Central News South. I can't think why they would of taken it though. Obviously there was a problem with Carlton/LNN so they took the nearest region which they thought was sensible.
mark Founding member London London
Strange, really - Central News South couldn't be more different from London Today! I bet everyone in London was thrilled by the 'badger gets stuck in hole' stories that normally take pride of place on Central Wink
TVArchive Founding member Granada North West Today
LNN studios experienced a fire evacuation during the ITN Lunchtime News...
There was a disaster with the Central News at 6 (West) opening titles today.
There wasn't any music and then you could hear the producer guy saying 'Yeah, we'll try a zoom in...' etc.
Not a good day for TV news.
Did anyone hear the Sky News studio collapse at about 1.30pm!?
Massive crash whilst the sports and news presenters were having a chat, left them looking very confused!
Square Eyes Founding member
That's probably put the launch of the new look back about 6 months then.
A good year I'd say.
Considering it's taken Sky about 3 months to put a big telly in and a pane of glass!
It will no doubt appear on one of the many out-take programmes.
It was just like something falling off the roof. They sort of laughed about it then omved on, promising to 'stick the studio back together in a moment'.
BillyH Founding member London London
A carlton ITV ident (Not ITV1) came up at 3:00 before the news!!

And did you just see the program menu on BBC1?
noggin Founding member
According to a post I read in one of the internet news groups there was a fire-alarm at the London Studios, where London Today is produced. This meant that they could not broadcast the 1230 'opt' style bulletin. They were back in the building for the 1300 edition.

(It is nothing to do with the fact that LNN have just announced a 20% cut in their workforce, losing 28 posts...)

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