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Goodbye to ITN

(August 2001)

Nick Dee
david16 posted:

totally, yeah

Blue Peter
I'm not too keen on the ITV brand as it sounds cheap i.e those progs!!! they make!!! but ITV news therefore sounds worse as at least ITN had some quality about it as a brand. My Nan who died at 89yrs always swore that ITN was better than BBC for news - i didn't agree but branding wise ITV News vs BBC .........
Pete Davis
Why do poor ITN lose there endcap? They produced the show, they should get credit! (Channel 4 News and 5 News both have ITN endcaps)
Looking at the ITN website, they make no mention that ITN is short for Independent Television News.

Because ITN is the company's name who just provide the news for ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. Hence, ITV's ridiculous idea of calling their News programmes ITV News, making everybody think that it's short for Independent Television News (as well as being another way of saying ITN), which ITN is not. ITV do want everybody to think that way.

ITN does not mean anything now. ITN used to be short for Independent Television News, and rightly so, because it was ITV's News many years back before the existence of Channel 4 and Channel 5.

News ITV At... or News On ITV At... would be far more appropriate, so as to not confuse everybody with ITV News and ITN.
david16 posted:
swearing! Mind your mouth!

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