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I know everyone's focussed on Susanna, though speaking personally, I'm very sorry to be losing Charlotte from Sunrise, but (for all ITV's travails in the morning) this will certainly bring her the wider exposure she deserves.

And no, before you ask, I don't know who'll be replacing her, and even if I did, I love my job too much to share it on a pres forum! Laughing
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I think the key problem with Daybreak is content. There's just too much celebrity guff and too many competitions.

Unless they can be brave enough to snap out of that format and stick with whatever they come up with, then it doesn't matter who fronts the show.
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Please about Ben, pleased about Charlotte - I haope Susanna isn't too smarmy. I never watch BBC Breakfast but found her a bit annoying on Strictly and people say she is annoying on Breakfast but we'll see.

Looking forward to seeing what the new guy, Sean Fletcher, is like. I am surprised Eamonn didn't warn Charlotte off! Wink

Shame Matt and Ranvir are not involved, from the information we have to date, as they are two of the best things about Daybreak IMO.
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Which one has had the most failed relaunches though ... ITV Breakfast or The Big Breakfast? The latter had two major relaunches during its 9½ year run in 1996 and 2001, only to be reverted back a few months later to a variation of its original format of having two presenters sat in front of French window patio doors, and a noisy crew.
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