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Good Morning Britain - confirmed

Susanna Reid to join revamped ITV breakfast show (March 2014)

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Gareth E
BBC News website confirming that Susanna Reid is leaving Breakfast to join ITV for a renamed breakfast show named 'Good Morning Britain'.
NickyS Founding member
ITV confirm Susanna along with Ben Shepherd, Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher, plsu new name

From Press Release


ITV today announces a new presenting team set to join the ITV Breakfast roster of talent later this year.

Susanna Reid, Ben Shephard, Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher will be joining the channel as ITV's main weekday presenters between 6.00am and 8.30am, on ITV's newly named breakfast show, Good Morning Britain.

Lorraine Kelly will now be at the helm of her own show, Lorraine, between 8.30am and 9.25am, five days a week.

Aled Jones will present a new weekend morning show, Weekend, between 8.30am and 9.25am starting later this year. [See ITV Press Centre for full details]

ITV Director of Daytime, Helen Warner, said:

"I'm delighted to welcome all four presenters to the ITV Breakfast family. ITV has a first class roster of breakfast and daytime talent both on and off screen and I'm thrilled to be expanding this. Our overriding aim is to continue to improve our breakfast programming for our viewers and we have been working for some time behind the scenes developing the next chapter of our offering."

"Engaging, news driven content is our number one priority and will be at the heart of everything we do on Good Morning Britain. I believe we have a top team in place to deliver this and make this a compelling proposition to wake up to in the morning."
Missed a trick there by not calling it 'Good Morning Great Britain'. The Good and the Great giving a positve spin and the initials GMGB rhyme with the old faithful GMTV
Doesn't 'Great' Britain exclude Northern Ireland?
Doesn't 'Britian'? Northern Ireland is part of the United Kindom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland, generally just known as The United Kingdom.
Gary McEwan
Here it is here...
I can only assume they want to use one word.

What does this mean for Matt and Ranvir? Shunted sideways to ITV News?
Looks like all the current team of john,kate,matt,ranvir,laura and Richard Arnold have been axed? Sounds promising,although Sean fletcher, a sports presenter?
Gary McEwan
I hope if Matt and Ranvir are no longer being kept on at Daybreak / GMB that they go to ITV News...
Whataday Founding member
Missed a trick there by not calling it 'Good Morning Great Britain'. The Good and the Great giving a positve spin and the initials GMGB rhyme with the old faithful GMTV

They've not missed a trick at all, Good Morning Great Britain is an awful mouthful and far more pompous than Good Morning Britain. There's also the (limited) nostalgia factor but I feel many younger people are going to think of Good Morning America rather than TV-am.

They do seem to be putting this out there as a change of name rather than a new programme, despite new presenters and a new studio. I wonder if that's a contractual thing.
DVB Cornwall
Would love to see the old theme and titles revised and used....

... wont happen of course.
John, Whataday and Telly Media gave kudos
And six months after launch, they are all sacked and GMTV will be back! LOL!

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