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Wow, wasn’t expecting that kind of change. Perhaps they’ll be changing the desks in the news and weather areas too.
I'll wait to see it on air before making a decision on whether I like it. But from the one photo, I'm not a fan.
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I assume that’s the new credenza behind it as well?

Thanks, hopefully, this works.

Very interesting, clearly designed with social distancing in mind and getting more contributors back in the studio around the desk. Will wait to see how it actually fits with the rest of the studio but it looks massive.

The important question though... does that still qualify as a credenza?
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Again, I'll wait until we see it on air, but I'm not liking it so far. Although it does look a bit better lit up.
Very nice! Especially considering all of the little (unnecessary) changes GMB tend to do.

Hope this makes better use of the screen!
That is a very big desk... and may i say, a much needed change. The awful additions to the current desk don't work. Very futuristic... almost space ship control room vibes Laughing

On the upside, not only does it work better for social distancing currently, it will also look more natural when more people are sitting at the desk in future, without the need for the dodgy extension blocks.
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I have deleted the images previously posted.

I shouldn't have shared them, apologies.
UBox posted:
Very interesting, clearly designed with social distancing in mind.

It may be slightly longer, but I can't imagine they would have designed a new desk - which will presumably be in use for at least a couple of years from past experience - with social distancing in mind.
In the immediate term, yes, presenters will be socially distanced, but after a year of it, I very much hope that'll soon be a thing of the past.
Please, God!
Remember when people used to ... sit next to each other?
I dearly hope we'll be back to that sooner rather than later, and that we'll see very few 'socially distanced' shows from this desk.
Let's think positive!
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On the flipside, let's hope people don't go OTT with the hugging when the day comes that 2m is no longer required.
1. I’m liking the look of the desk, especially from the lighting we could see in the other now-removed photos.
2. I didn’t like the look of the carpet we could see - looked more like it belonged in a school classroom than a TV studio.
3. I think the Jan-March 2020 theme and titles would fit this new look - both those titles and this new desk have a fresh, modern tone in common.

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