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I think he said he was off for X amount of weeks which worked out he'd be back on the 18th. It was reported in The Sun as 18th until Piers himself corrected it yesterday.
GMB supposed to be in Hull tomorrow, Piers wouldn't survive 5 minutes there Very Happy
They're only there to show Wyke College students getting their A-Level results.

Is it that time of year again, glum faces & squealing girls OMG-ing Laughing I suppose ts an escape from the 'B' story. There is so much more real news out there.
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Looks like Sean's getting the chance to present with Ranvir tomorrow, according to the Radio Times guide. It's been quite a while!

It was reported that Eamonn was doing Wednesday-Friday but considering he and Ruth have Friday’s off This Morning during the summer I always thought that might not have been correct. I’m assuming they’ll have no newsreader if Sean does present, however let’s hope they give a reporter the newsreader shift for the day.