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Westcountry Spotlight
Jeremy Kyle will return next week, alongside Ranvir. This morning’s incident has clearly taught the bosses nothing. Whilst Adil Ray is a trained journalist, he was clearly out of his depth with such a serious story unfolding on air (hence Ranvir whispering prompts). Most print and radio journalists would struggle with breaking news on live TV.

How effectively would Jeremy Kyle be able to deal with serious breaking news? When he originally presented there was some breaking news and I seem to remember Charlotte effectively stepping in. The bosses seem to be more bothered about guest hosts that will generate headlines rather than actually offering news effectively over the summer.
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How were the Richard Gaisford live pictures being linked back to the gallery? The camera is clearly not plugged/cabled into the black box patch points on college green and there doesn't seem to be a satellite truck in the immediate area.

Radio cam to a wallbox or sat truck which was round the corner?
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I think he said he was off for X amount of weeks which worked out he'd be back on the 18th. It was reported in The Sun as 18th until Piers himself corrected it yesterday.
GMB supposed to be in Hull tomorrow, Piers wouldn't survive 5 minutes there Very Happy
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