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UTV Newsline
I don't know what Good Morning Britain can do to jump ahead of BBC Breakfast in terms of ratings. It seems they have done everything the can to try and improve ratings, and the ratings have improved. Remember back in 2014 when it really took a nose dive down to around 330,000 viewers. Achieving over 700,000 viewers daily is a massive improvement.

BBC Breakfast is a safe programme for viewers, they know what they are getting with BBC Breakfast, it is like a comfort blanket and a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning for viewers, whereas GMB is very different. Maybe that is why the BBC have the ratings edge.

BBC Breakfast News from 1989 was a safe environment, just morning news behind a desk, but at that time TV-am outdid them in the ratings, but the format was safe, secure, reliable.
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Central (East) Midlands Today
GMB between 6am and 6:30am will be treated as its own slot according not The Sun - with Charlotte hosting

Any link?


What a joke if the article is being truthful about the opinions of many. Whoever the insiders who believe Charlotte should be overlooked because of her race really need to be sent on a refresher about discrimination before they end up with a lawsuit.
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You cannot give Ranvir or Sean the job over Charlotte or another white presenter simply because "well, it would be nice to have a BAME person, wouldn't it?". That's just as discriminatory as deliberately not hiring black people or Muslims, or gay people, or whatever... I hope this article is, as I suspect, all clickbait and with no basis in fact.
Guess who's big in the back time.
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What total nonsense! Not one named source just comments about ‘they are not happy’ who are they?

Regarding Sean and Ranvir neither has been recently demoted. Sean has been an occasional presenter for a few years now and if anything Ranvir has a higher profile role than ever.

Surely the 6am slot will be presented by whoever the newsreader is that day? So mainly Charlotte or Kate?
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