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Johnr495 posts since 6 Apr 2004
I’ve been in a hotel all week as I’m at a training course so switched on GMB this morning, never mind Brexit/elections/holiday firms going bust let’s discuss ‘should you hang washing outside’ Shocked

I also can’t take Adil seriously enough as I just keep imagining him as Citizen Khan!
freddied056611 posts since 29 Dec 2016
Meridian (South) South Today
For the 1st time on GMB : 2 men, Ben & Sean are hosting because Kate Garraway is ill.

I had always wondered if this would ever happen and just presumed not. Not glad that Kate is ill obviously but if they can have two women present together, they can have two men. Also nice to get to see Sean present.

They should do it more. Ben and Sean worked well together, I would love to see Ben and Piers present together, or even better Piers and Richard Madeley
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Aaron_20151,110 posts since 11 Mar 2015
Westcountry Spotlight
Ben and Sean were a nice change, I’m guessing Charlotte and Ranvir are away so Sean was the only presenter who could cover.

I’m surprised Richard Bacon hasn’t appeared yet; Adil Ray seems to be the favoured stand in at the moment though.
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cal090644 posts since 10 Jun 2017
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Presumably Kate is meant to be on tomorrow too so would be nice to see the Ben & Sean pairing again, it worked well today.

Ranvir is currently on holiday, I’m presuming Charlotte is maybe presenting at the end of the week?

It’s a wonder that we’ve never had a guest female presenter.