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For info :

Monday 11th March
Breakfast 1.5m / 41.2% share
GMB 0.8m / 23.8% share Lorraine 0.8m / 19.5% share

Friday 8th March
Breakfast 1.4m / 38% share
GMB 0.7m / 21.1% Lorraine 0.9m / 21.6%

Thursday 7th March
Breakfast 1.4m / 37.8% share
GMB 0.8m / 22.2% share Lorraine 0.9m / 20.1% share

Wednesday 6th March
Breakfast 1.4m / 37.8% share
GMB 0.8m / 22.3% share Lorraine 1.1m / 25% share

Tuesday 5th March
Breakfast 1.5m / 40.3% share
GMB 0.8m / 22.9% share Lorraine 1.0m / 22.4% share

Monday 4th March
Breakfast 1.5m / 39.3% share
GMB 0.8m / 22.9% share Lorraine 1.0m / 21.7% share

23.8% is a good share for GMB, but it doesn't look to be a gain from Breakfast who also did pretty well in share terms at 41.2%, so I guess GMB are picking up some audience from elsewhere?

I expect GMB have given up on trying to beat Breakfast in ratings and share terms (if they ever had that as an objective?), and instead are trying to maximise their commercial advantage over other advertiser-funded channels?
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Thank you for those figures.

It's good to see that when Piers is not on air, the show still retains some night figures and shares.

BBC Breakfast is a steady ship and continues to plough through. ITV will be pleased that GMB is continuing to rise gradually from where it had been a few years ago. While GMB doesn't beat Breakfast, it sure as hell does when it comes to publicity (be it good or bad).
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This might not work because of the ITV Breakfast contract, but I think it might be worth dropping Lorraine on weekdays (have Lorraine on weekends, or Fri-Sun), and extend GMB - it would allow time for the show to breathe, including a proper sport and entertainment slots, a decent length celebrity interview(s). These issues aren't only a problem when Piers is on, it's everyday.

I've long wondered whether moving Lorraine to an afternoon slot, and maybe giving her a studio audience, would work. Like you said, it would allow GMB to breathe a bit more without being rushed off the air mid-interview, as is often the case. And, not that Lorraine necessarily needs it, but it would freshen up her show and inject a bit more life into it, after 25 years or so of the same thing.

Obviously with Lorraine sharing studios with LW it would throw up some logistical issues.
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It’s very unlikely Lorraine would want to be demoted to the weekend and the show is doing well so there’s no reason to.

But is it doing well because it's Lorraine, or is it because it's on at a particular time of day and there not much alternative? To me, it's a carbon copy of This Morning and is full of content which many wouldn't care to lose.
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0830 is absolutely key to the success of Lorraine - the core audience has just got the kids off to school and are ready to put their feet up for a few minutes with a coffee after the rush of getting everyone out of the house. That's why it does so well and it's far more important than giving Piers another 55 minutes to prattle on. It's not a coincidence that Breakfast has a similar kind of pace change from about 0840.
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Last years show rated 717k, so around 858k yesterday it seems

Piers never mentions the viewing figures, just the percentage. His "journalistic" skills, if I can call them that, are there to be seen. Still never mentions GMB not breaking through the 1 million mark, as BBC Breakfast does every single day no matter what.

That’s because Breakfast TV ratings sound rubbish, even the BBC’s sound rubbish, in the context of other ratings that the general public hear relating to Strictly and prime time shows, because unlike prime time shows nobody watches the full thing.
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If/when such a day comes that Ms Kelly steps down from her morning show, I can't imagine that ITV would want to fill that hour-ish slot with anything other than effectively "the same show" (albeit with a different name and presenter(s), obv) as it clearly does well for them.

I agree and I think Christine Lampard would be a very likely candidate.
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