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From the few minutes I saw around 7am I liked the new set. I'll try and watch a few more clips when I get chance later today to make a more informed judgement.

I do wish they'd manage to have the news or at least the weather at the top of the hour, rather than being nearer 7.03am before the title sequence ran. Personally I like to know I'll get the news headlines / regional news / weather at a certain time of the hour, if only for my own time keeping. (Probably why BBC Breakfast is more suited to me, well that and my tolerance of Piers Morgan.)
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It looks like the box was built specifically for Laura Tobin to reach the screen as she's not exactly the tallest person.

I think it does the job of keeping some form of continuity from TLS, but an opportunity was missed to give the show a revamp.
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I found something off about the screens behind the sofa area. Some seemed brighter than others from certain angles.

Welcome to LCD (*) screens and their poor performance 'off-axis'. The BBC Singapore studio has the same issue as their catwalk is made of LCD displays, not plasmas as used in the studios at NBH. The DTL screens in NBH are LCD displays - but they are seldom seen 'off-axis'.

Plasmas are much better 'off axis' than even good LCDs, but they aren't available any more - so unless you can go for fine-pitch LED matrix or OLED, you don't have a choice.

(*) TVs sold in shops as 'LED' are still LCD... The LED bit refers to them having an LED, not fluorescent, backlight. The main image technology is still LCD. (Not to be confused with OLED)
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I have just looked back at the show on youtube, having only watched the first hour, and I really love the new set. Even the sofa area that didn't receive the most positive reaction.
All four shows seem to have more studio space- which will be interesting when they return to smaller spaces at new TLS.
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Well this was indeed a smart choice to back to Jack Morton to re-imagine this set. Frankly we all realise this programme was modeled on NBC TODAY and ABC GMA. So it made sense to keep this look and feel going since the public is accustomed to it.
Regarding the set itself. I really like it. As some described its very grand. And IMO is very appropriate for a flagship news/info programme on a major broadcaster. Its unapologetically large. With out being brash. The brightness of the set is very refreshing without being too clinical. The pared-back use of wood warms the set-up just enough. The large display behind the anchor desk was sorely needed. Also I like the use of the social media tags placed at the top. CBS O&Os and ABC O&O stations have been doing something similiar on their newswalls for a few years now. SOme have commented on the "Weather Centre". I do think its a odd likttle space. I dont think a branded area was need. But rememeber this set will serve multiple purposes. You can imagine ITV using for Election Coverage int he coming years. As it has the size and the space to feel important. SOme have comments on the video display, right side of the anchor desk.I think that is a brilliant display because it creates almost an artwork display of images and graphics and utilizes depth to create visual interest. Also you notice there is runway underneath it, so expect to see them stood in-front of it presenting stories.
Couple of issues.
-Hate the theme they using. Totally took away from the programme IMO. Should have stuck with the 2017 version or the launch version. This current theme being used is far to light is leaning in the talk show direction....just.

Not sure about the orange carpeting, though I know its used to warm up the space. Also not sure about the 70s looking flower arrangement next to the sofa.
-Overall the lighting plance is really good. Jack Morton really did a good job making sure their creation was lit properly by whoever was used to light it. Couple problem though. The lack of chin lights in the desk. Big mistake. Also above the main large display behind the anchor desk. There is a huge blank space that lacks any sort of textural lighting. It is simpley screaming for something. But I also noticed there are a couple of other places in which they skimped on the texture lighting on some of the column and upright places. But overall the lighting is 95% there.

Having said that JACK MORTON WorldWide did a great job with this set.

It really reminds me of the old WNBC set from 2007 in some places.
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