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It's not the first time they've had a 10 minute discussion about the bin. It usually starts with Piers bragging about the fact he doesn't need scripts and pointing out Susanna and Charlotte do.

And GMB wonder why they are not beating BBC Breakfast? Yes, BBC Breakfast may seem dull, but it is safe and secure breakfast place for news, local news etc. GMB has seem to just be the Piers Morgan Show in all but name. When Piers is not there, at least GMB takes a move towards being a near proper breakfast show (Thursday and Friday only).

That's is when it's at its dullest I'm sorry to say a viewer. I often have a giggle to myself when Piers decides to go off on one.

As we all know, both Piers and Susanna can show what brilliant broadcasters they are when something awful happens and that's when it shows what they can really do.

People are quick to forget that big breaking news has occurred when both are presenting and the tone and nature of the show instantly goes professional. Good Morning Britain is often very quick with breaking news stories - something which isn't mentioned much.
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I watch GMB for the bants/personalities* with of course news, if I really want hard news in the morning then there's BBC Breakfast. There's nothing wrong with BBC Breakfast it's just not my cup of tea in the morning.

*Yes, Piers Morgan annoys me, but he's extremely marmite.