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Granada North West Today
Bbc breakfast in general is dull and dated

I have no issue with the format of BBC Breakfast whatsoever. It suits my morning routine from 6-7am and is predictable.

I will be watching GMB tomorrow because I am a 'pres geek' Very Happy I'll let you know if I become a convert to the 'dark side'.

This is the ultimate TV Forum dilemma. “Should I watch the programme with the better presentation, or the one that has hosts that I prefer?”
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Well the set really does look impressive. Seems like there are a lot of presentation areas from what we've seen and what has been hinted at (eg. the weather desk & infamous crezenda). It says a lot when I haven't seen a bad comment about the set in this thread yet and that from 3 images people want it to be a national standard for ITV News to work from in the future. Looking forward to 6am.
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UTV Newsline
Well the set really does look impressive. Looking forward to 6am.

I also am looking forward to 6am. Erron and the presenters have been hyping up this set for weeks so it must be Good!
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Granada North West Today
I wonder where the sofa is in respect to the desk. To achieve those two views of London, they’d have to be at opposite ends, unless they’re suspending the realism because actually they’re all the way in the West and nowhere near St Paul’s.

[Edit: looking at it again I think it’s impossible to achieve both views - they’re both from different sides of the London Eye.]

Should they keep the titles similar, I suspect it will be just ‘Live from London’ rather than nodding to TVC.

From these pics, it does look nice and a good upgrade to the TLS set.
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When I saw it, probably because of the sofa design and the backdrop, I thought of ARD Moma:

That sofa looks like it's on a rostrum with nothing to stop the sofa sliding back and off. (Difficult to tell though). Over here you usually put a lip on the back of rostra to help avoid this and minimise a risk (though this then becomes a trip hazard if the sofa is removed...)
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