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JKDerry2,574 posts since 15 Oct 2016
UTV Newsline
Oh nice!

This should be the basis of a new ITV News physical set. Obviously, it would need some colour changes, but this design really should become the standard for ITV News across the country.

I doubt ITV News will ever leave their virtual studio. It is perfect for them, cheap, and makes their studio look much bigger than it really is. They have to compete with the BBC News studios, and virtual reality is the only way, as there is no room at Grays Inn Road for them to have a vast news studio.
Stuart7,595 posts since 13 Oct 2003
Westcountry Spotlight
Blimey, that looks quite impressive so far. I'm pleased they've gone for a single large screen behind the presenters.

I never quite understood the reasoning behind the original design at TLS - it was fine for close-ups, but just looked like a collection of unnecessarily randomly sized screens in the wide-shots.

This should be a wake-up call for BBC Breakfast - Your set is looking rather dull and dated!
Stuart7,595 posts since 13 Oct 2003
Westcountry Spotlight
Bbc breakfast in general is dull and dated

I have no issue with the format of BBC Breakfast whatsoever. It suits my morning routine from 6-7am and is predictable.

I will be watching GMB tomorrow because I am a 'pres geek' Very Happy I'll let you know if I become a convert to the 'dark side'.
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