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Because it happens with everyone else. They still carry out their work duties. We will see in time but I'll be very surprised if I'm wrong. Anyway makes no deference they're both dull on GMB

You seem to have this idea that whatever your opinion happens to be, it is a definite fact. It isn't.

Anyway, I think Charlotte will be great on Strictly.
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Kate Garraway looks so fed up. Don't know if it's because she isn't with Ben or it's because she is with JK

I have to say I really don't know what you mean about Kate looking fed up. I think she puts a lot of effort to it and comes across as very enthusiastic. The only time when I would agree is when she is with Richard Madely - my impression was that she perhaps didn't get on as well with him as with some of the others but I only caught a bit of them so I could be completely wrong!
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Can't say I've noticed but I do feel the chemistry between Kate and Ben is top class. Anyone know how the GMB set is going to work when it moves to TVC? Are they going to move it all and rebuild it from TLS or build another one? I suspect it'll be the first option right? Maybe it'll happen over Christmas when GMB is off air for a while? Cant see them being able to do it over a weekend