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BroadcastWales194 posts since 29 Jun 2016
Finally, the winter backdrop and titles have returned. The lighting also seemed much better today with more warmth. The yellow lights behind the sofa were also brighter. Already a better improvement.
Yesterday :
Thanks to Daybreak fan yt & Tv memories.
Aaron_2015821 posts since 11 Mar 2015
Westcountry Spotlight
Just looking at that picture above and have they changed the rug colour?

Looks like it.

My issue with the sofa area is that it looks a bit cramped with the tables so close to the sofa. It makes a spacious area look a lot smaller.

Also, the voiceover announcing the two main presenters is a little strange when there is a third presenter in clear view.
noggin12,912 posts since 26 Jun 2001
The wooden panel on the edge of the desk on Susanna's side looks like a 'modesty panel'. They are usually used to avoid seeing a presenter's legs on oblique shots.
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