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freddied056579 posts since 29 Dec 2016
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I'm starting to get a bit sick of 'The Piers Morgan Show' now. It was amusing, but now it's getting to the point where his rants take up huge chunks of the show. The way they've got round this is to just cut out the 7:30 news bulletin on some days, as well as most of Richard Arnold's segments. Moreover, interviews consist of 1 minute Susanna, 7 minutes Piers.

Ratings haven't shifted, but ITV have the tabloids on side, with everybody saying ratings are up (when they are not).

At least with Charlotte and Ben yesterday there was some banter, but everything ran on time and remained professional. I much prefer having Charlotte present with Ben. Kate brings that lightweight GMTV feeling on a Friday, which is not good for the show.

Completely agree. Charlotte and Ben all week would be excllent
freddied056579 posts since 29 Dec 2016
Meridian (South) South Today
Somebody suggested earlier in the thread that Piers might be trying to line up a job in America, and I certainly think that's true. This week he's made appearances on Peston on Sunday, Sunday Politics, Question Time and now Marr. Presumably all of this will have been sent to the US networks to show how well Piers would work as a contributor.

I really do hope so
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He's made appearances on all of these shows because of how well he knows Trump. And also because he's possibly the only celebrity willing to support him.

Never underestimate the power of Ego either. Being invited on shows like Marr, Sunday Politics and Question Time (and to a degree Peston - though that's linked to his employer) because of his expertise (real or perceived) on a subtject gives him a sense of importance, and definitely will be an ego boost.

It's worth reminding ourselves that Piers was on a cable news channel (which don't rate amazingly, and which he was let go from - actuallly for the right reasons ISTR. He stood on principles in taking on the gun lobby...) in the US, and is on a little-watched morning show here. He was sacked by the Daily Mirror, for publishing fabricated photos too, don't forget. He's not amazingly credible in some areas...

It's not like he's David Dimbleby, Huw Edwards or Graham Norton. He's not got that level of credibility or that size of audience these days - so being invited on shows that are the leaders in what they do (rather than the also-rans he often presents) is presumably quite ego-massaging.

(Life Stories was probably the biggest thing he's done here ?)

Indeed he is basically the male equivalent of Katie Hopkins. Trolling for attention
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The appearances seemed almost like 'auditions', but as you say Piers is already well known. Considering Nigel Farage has been employed off the back of Trump winning, I could easily see Piers landing himself a role.

Piers would be leaving GMB in a moment if he had an offer from a US network.

he's been there done that on CNN remember, and it was axed. more like he's using his friendship with Trump to increase his earning potential and attention, which he absolutely craves, plus he has a Mail Online column which plays to a certain base.
just can't see how its wise for a presenter on a female friendly show to go so far, and i notice he dialled things right back on Marr this morning.
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I would think britains got talent would have been the biggest thing he's done in the uk. But of course that was in a panelist capacity and did not revolve around him. Personally I like him, or rather I like his modus operandi, whether you agree with his opinions is another matter of course but I sense he tells it as it is, or at least how he thinks it is. Refreshing in that sense.
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To be fair politically Trump is probably one of the few areas I'd disagree with him on. More problematic for his employment could be Leveson 2. If despite the best efforts of the press it goes ahead as it should he is likely to be implicated and if it becomes the headline news it should be that may require at least a suspension from the show.
I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.
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Piers on Marr this morning felt like he was back to his old self - provocative, yes, but not Katie Hopkins-style trolling. There's a really fine line and I think he fell over it on Saturday.

6am tomorrow should be interesting if nothing else.
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Disagree. The show is much better for having Piers as presenter. If you want dull and safe, Breakfast may be the show for you.

You think the show is better for having an actual misogynist hosting it??? If you want misogyny, stick with Fox News. I'd rather not have a misogynist on my TV screen, hence why I don't watch.
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